Nicole Baldocchi
I'm a writer and reporter for several of AOL's Bay Area Patch.com sites. I'm excited to join the many journalists in the Patch community because of the growing enthusiasm and understanding of multimedia in the world of news and journalism. Among my many stays, I was an assistant online editor at a newspaper in the Bay Area; this is where my interest in online news, videos and new aspects of journalism first sparked ...
I have been a writer as long as I can remember and an award-winning reporter since the beginning of 2005, working full-time and freelance at various publications in the Bay Area. Whether news is perceived as good or bad, making it public gives people the knowledge needed to be informed and aware citizens. Outside of the news world, I also do some teaching. In particular, I have been working with students in special education and making sure children with extra or more complicated needs receive all the resources to succeed. Any child, extra needs or not, deserves a solid foundation and a chance to grow up to be someone great. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with those I love, horseback riding, and being outside in beautiful weather.
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