Eugenia Budman
Any way you look at, it I am a writer.
During my lifetime (a lifetime? - I am not done yet!) I had many professions: an immigrant (yes, I believe it was one of my most-difficult careers) and a working mother/wife/sister/daughter/friend; a computer programmer and biotechnology professional, a business owner plus a few more. Literature and writing have always been my hobby, my drug of choice.  Fictional characters from the wonderful books I read have been my 'invisible friends' and I thought about them, judged them or admired them as if they were alive. The fictional world has always been my 'other world', the place where I spent countless hours visiting, learning the customs, and meeting new people, even when I could not travel.   I understand the world through written word, not through pictures, diagrams or movies. My BLOG: http://ipondereugenia.wordpress.com/
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