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Originally from an agricultural city in So. Cal., I moved up to the peninsula in 96' and haven't looked back. I love the people, the "feel" and diverse communities and cultures of the peninsula.
My education is in economics with a huge slant towards sociology. Recently I moved to Half Moon Bay and instantly fell in love with it. Cloudy or clear, I hit Miramar beach with my dog and son nearly every weekend. Otherwise I enjoy a brew at our local establishments or I'm playing with my daughter and her toddler toys. My approach to life is anything is possible, off the beaten path, and I like to cheer on the underdogs. However, I do appreciate our champions also!! I don't think anyone is better or less than myself and for that reason I don't hessitate going right to the top. I'm persistant, energetic and passionate. If you see me in your rear mirror, pull over to save us both time.
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