SoCal Startup Hypes Jet-Powered Surfboard in Pacifica

The company showed off the forthcoming system at Linda Mar Beach last week.

Imagine not having to paddle out to the lineup. Instead, you'd just hit a switch on a wristband to fire up jets on the bottom of your board and cruise right in.

Is this the wave of the future? Santee, CA-based WaveJet is banking on it. 

Last week, a WaveJet representative was on with a CNN Money contributor showing off its WaveJet Pod, a jet propulsion system that fits in a cavity on the bottom of watercraft including surfboards, kayaks and so on.

Watch the video above to see the system in action. 

The pod, which weighs 16 lbs., delivers 20 lbs. of thrust and comes equipped with twin rechargeable lithium ion batteries to keep it running clean. 

WaveJet claims the model, slated for release in April or May, 2012, can give a rider about 40 minutes of total run time, or about an hour and a half in the water as the jets are switched on and off. 

In the video, the WaveJet representative said the company wants to sell the pod to watercraft manufacturers, but it will also sell complete, ready-to-ride rigs. 

As of now, however, WaveJet anticipates that just the propulsion system will cost a pretty penny--between $4,000 and $4,500--but is trying to bring that price down before the release date. 

Would you ride a jet-powered board?

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