What Parents Are Saying About the Rumors of Threatened Violence in District 308 Schools

Take a look at how parents are reacting to Thursday's news of rumors of a violent threat at District 308 schools.

The news today that Oswego District 308 officials are taking very seriously the rumors of planned school violence to coincide with the Dec. 21 end of the world date set by the Mayan calendar has Oswego Patch Facebook friends talking.

Here’s a sampling of what some, including parents, are saying:

Brian G. Shaking my head at you paranoid parents... relax. If you believe in any of this hype as well as the exaggeration of teens and such, you seriously need a reality check.

Ashley H. Brian, I bet that's what the parents of Columbine thought and look where it got them. Reality check to you, this stuff does happen and should be taken seriously. Id rather be safe and over cautious than lose my child when it easily could have been prevented.

Coleen M. Ashley, I was thinking almost exactly the same thing! In our 6 years in the District, we have NEVER gotten a call like that one. I'm sure it was grounded for them to agree as a District to send it out.

Lisa C. REALITY is it happens all the time all over this country. It happen this week! Paranoid NO! concerned that one unstable person can harm just 1 person YES!

Nicole C. How was THAT phone message 308 just sent out supposed to help? I had no worries about my kid attending classes that day until I heard that message. UGH.

Tiffany P. This is scary, glad precautions are in place but what has happened to our world? School should be a worry free happy place!

Lisa U. Both of my high school boys came home yesterday telling me there were rumors flying all over the school about potential violence on Dec. 21st. I believe the school district sent the message so that parents like me, who heard the rumors at home, would know they are aware and working on it. I appreciated the call so that I know it is being addressed seriously.

Gina J. Same thing here Lisa. Both our kids were talking about it to. Now that we got the message, I know we don't need to put a call in asking about it. Thanks District 308!

Crystal F. Yesterday my son told me about the rumors and the announcements that were made and I was waiting to see how long it was going to take for the district to send out a message. All of these threats have to be taken seriously.

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TTYL December 15, 2012 at 04:59 PM
As a teacher (not in 308), and as a mom with a student there, this is very scary and makes me really sick to my stomach. This is a great community! I have faith in our police department and the school officials to make the best decision to keep our children safe from harm. We need to band together as a community in good times and bad times. We need to support each other and not point fingers. Children of any age, watch and listen to how adults act on these situaitons. We need to turn off FB and Twitter and spend time with our loved ones. We need to pray for the families in CT. I cannot understand how one human being can do something like this. We must make sure that good overcomes evil. That starts with us, as individuals. It may be Christmas, but we need to do this consistently. There is too much hurt going on in this country. Get the kids off Xbox and play Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit or somehting with the family. Take a moment to think and pray for these families and tell your family and friends how much you love them. Be aware and report things the right way, with the police. Parents, we are accountable for our childrens' actions and behavior. Adolescents need their parents just as much as they did at age 5, 8, etc. We have to be in the know so we can help these kids. We have to protect them together. The media will not protect them, that is our job. God, help us through these times. Thank you, A devoted parent, teacher, and citizen. CAG
JimmyJ December 16, 2012 at 07:30 PM
Metal detectors would go a long way to preventing some weapons getting in, however, as your parents what they think about them in schools? If they are honest with you, if they have not changed their minds since Friday, they will tell you they don't want them in schools, at least these schools, because metal detectors at schools seems to mean there is a problem and a school problem means lower property values. So rather then install metal detectors, lets roll the dice on daily basis, trade the students for money in higher property values.
JimmyJ December 16, 2012 at 07:33 PM
True not a lot of schools have metal detectors. I wonder how many dead children there would be if schools had metal detectors? Why don't we want them? Because we fear property value will decline? I'd rather my house be worth nothing than my kid come home in a casket.
JimmyJ December 16, 2012 at 07:36 PM
Under most concealed carry laws there are specific places where you can not have your weapon. I suspect that a school would be such a no gun zone. So arming the teachers may not be realistic.
Marla Johnson December 17, 2012 at 06:06 PM
I question what the authorities will be doing after they catch the individual(s) behind the threat. Why type of punishment will they receive? What about the individual(s) that took this threat and started the rumors of other schools? Will there be punishment there? Honestly, the media takes these monsters and makes them celebrities. They get Lifetime Movies made about them and what they did. Look at Columbine, MIchael Moore took what happened and made a movie about it. Sure he says it was political and about gun control, but honestly, all he did was publicize the actions of those two boys and of course, made a buck off of it. The media almost glorifyies these individuals. Instetad, the media should focus on the punishment they receive. Heck, when they catch the people(or person) responsible, it should be televised for the community. Why we cannot let the threat of violence destroy the lives of our children, at what cost will that be?


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