Open Administrative Positions Remain Unfilled for Jefferson Union High School District

New Superintendent Tom Minshew must decide who will fill vacated administrative JUHSD positions.

With graduation over and the kids out of school, many JUHSD administrators are looking forward to slowing down at work and anticipating a quiet summer. 

Not Tom Minshew.

Recently chosen as superintendent of the Jefferson United High School District, one of Minshew’s first duties is to replace himself as principal of Terra Nova High School.  The assistant principal position is also open at Terra Nova, as well as the assistant superintendent of JUHSD.

With about 20 applications for the principal's position and about five for the associate principal position, Minshew, and a bevy of other members of the school community, have been working steadily to find appropriate placements, narrowing down the resumes to interview approximately a third of the candidates.

Laurie Frater, board member of JUHSD, clarified the multi-stepped, hiring process for the open principal position.

“There is a ‘screening’ group or panel is made up of teachers, parents, and administrators, and perhaps even a student representative. Board members are specifically excluded from these groups. The only hiring the board does is hire the superintendent; the superintendent is then responsible for all other hires, but usually seeks board ‘approval’ or ‘consent’ for higher visibility hires”, he explained.

Frater continued, “There were a few good internal candidates (for the associate principal position) so there was no prescreening group and all were interviewed. The position of assistant superintendent (to replace Rick Boitano) is still open and being advertised.”

Minshew, who is still, technically, the principal until there is a new hire, selected panel members for the Terra Nova principal position.  Frater, being the president of the PTO, aided his selection with recommendations for likely candidates.

Patch will keep you updated of placement announcements.


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