Ingrid B. Lacy 6th Grade Students Go Greek for the Annual Greek Festival

With a parade of banners, Ice-devices, games, and a foot race, students at IBL enjoyed a full day of cross-curricular learning at the Annual Greek Festival.

The parking lot in front Ingrid B. Lacy Middle School was full of toga-wearing students last week as students celebrated the culmination of lessons in learning about Greek history, language, and culture.

Students were costumed in a variety of colors; everything from a group of Athenas with stuffed owls, to black-and-red clad Greek warriors with shields.

The 6th graders self-prepared for this event, choosing their own teams, designing their own costumes, banners, and props.  With only two in-class collaboration work days, the level of their commitment to this project was easily identifiable in their attention to their banners, costumes, and projects.

Students also presented “Ice Devices”, a team-led project, laying a variety of boxes, hollowed fruits, and clay pots on a covered outdoor table for community inspection.

The “Ice Devices,” explained teacher Katherine Mihalov, “Are designed to keep an ice cube frozen, but students could only use what was available in ancient Greece.”

Because of rain, the festivities were moved indoors to the gym. The parade banners lined one wall while students reposed on blankets at numbered stations.

Each station required students to complete a timed “Olympic Task”; tasks were compiled of Greek knowledge stemming from their recent studies.

Examples included the discus throw, where students threw paper plates measured for distance, then averaged the lengths for a team score. The team with the highest score earned points for an overall award.

Other activities included solving Greek word scrambles, identifying Greek architecture, using mapping skills, tossing olives for accuracy, and completing the Magic Square math puzzle.

In addition to the games, students enjoyed a bountiful potluck lunch, partially Greek-inspired, supplied by parent volunteers and students.  

Suzanne Scafuri June 10, 2011 at 06:44 PM
Pictures will be available soon!


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