County Schools Overwhelmingly 'Elect' Obama

Schools across the county and California held mock elections.

The voices of Californians 18 and over have been heard: President Barack Obama has been re-elected for another four-year term.

But what about the voices of the students who cannot vote yet? In a few years, they will make up the next voting contingent, highly courted by both the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates.

Secretary of State Debra Bowen’s office held a Student Mock General Election to expose students to voting and encourage them to make educated decisions. Eleven schools in San Mateo County have submitted their results out of 674 schools statewide as of Nov. 1.

School City Obama/Biden Romney/Ryan Aragon High School San Mateo 80.6% 11.7% Burlingame High School Burlingame 53.1% 28.8% Burlingame Intermediate School Burlingame 76.5% 19.8% Capuchino High School San Bruno 78.7% 9.7% Oceana High School Pacifica 88.9% 11.2% Parkside Middle School San Bruno 82.3% 12.1% Sea Crest School Half Moon Bay 73.3% 25.3% South San Francisco High School South San Francisco 96.3% 2.8% Terra Nova High School Pacifica 81.5% 9.2% Vallemar Pacifica 75.7% 19.1% Westborough Middle School South San Francisco 86.5% 10.00% Average 79.4% 14.5%

Note: Totals do not add to 100% because some students voted for Independent candidates. 

California and San Mateo County is traditionally a blue state and again elected Obama to the presidency with 71.2 percent as a county, 59.1 percent as a state and 50.1% as a country. 

However, amongst San Mateo County students who voted in this mock election, Obama was the heavy favorite, with almost 80 percent of the students voting for the President.

Many political analysts have noted the trend of young people leaning farther and farther left. College students in 2008 fervently supported Obama, hoping he would bring about change to the country. Though analysts say the enthusiasm has waned, Obama still has a large control over the younger demographic.

And if these poll results are any indicator, it seems the even younger future voters are pro-Obama, for the time being. 

John Hanson November 08, 2012 at 07:16 PM
Does anyone know how much money the School Board had to spend to get Measure G on the ballot?
Tommy Grahn November 08, 2012 at 10:58 PM
@Erin - I'm sorry your kids were taunted during this process. That's not right and shouldn't be tolerated. I do however thing this type of election process is good for the kids to go through. It gets them ready for the real world. However I think the teachers need to handle this better. Obviously there will be some kids that don't vote with the majority but they shouldn't be harassed or made to feel bad about their decision. Let's hope there was some discussion about how people can feel strongly for one party versus the other. I would imagine with your husband being a Democrat that your household already has had some interesting conversations on this topic. It's a shame that your kids were made to feel the way they were. But all in all I think this type of election process is good to have in the schools. It is helpful to learn about the process by actually going through it. I know in my household where my husband and I now live with his mother who is a very strongly conservative republican we can't really talk about the differences between the parties without getting into an argument. I hope your family is handling it better than ours! Good luck to you and your family. :)
Tommy Grahn November 09, 2012 at 09:43 AM
You talking to me? I know I shouldn't respond but ... what are you talking about?
June Amrhein November 09, 2012 at 09:17 PM
Put the TRUE American History back in the curriculum. These kids do not know what our founders fought for or why they came here. The history is skewed, has been re-written and on and on. Not fair. Not respectful. Not true. Not honest. What has happened to THOSE values, and what are you doing about the bullies? Have they even been brought to task? I lived through WW II and many in my family are veterans. I know where this is heading. As the old adage says, "history repeats itself". Talk to me again when YOU begin to get persecuted. My own personal experience these past 4 years has left me open to shout downs, (in my own family as well), disrespect, taunting for having strong faith and church going habits, daily prayer, having a bible in my car, - it goes on and on. There is no way one can even have a civilized conversation with a liberal. One thing I have never been able to tolerate is a liar, and it seems as though this trait is accepted and cheered wherever one goes. Disgusting. I applaud all the conservatives who have replied to this issue. Seems like the hiring of educators is discriminatory as all appear to be brainwashing. Political views of the teacher should never color the presentation of anything they teach. Personal political leanings in this arena should be deleted.
MH563 November 29, 2012 at 10:54 PM
My child too was bullied and taunted for having different views. I am very proud of him for taking a stand and not being bullied into silence and doing so with such dignity. We speak of politics often in our home and my children ask a lot of questions. So they are not completely unaware of the issues and history. When confronting his bullies, I encouraged him to offer support of his views in hopes to spark a debate and better understanding of both sides. But as suspected, when he did and then asked them to share thier view they could not produce even one idea, he walked away lips sealed, smiling, dignity in hand.


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