17 Ways for Better Buffet Behavior

Serving a meal buffet-style is practical and efficient when you have a large crowd. But buffet style should not be confused with all-you-can-eat.

Most agree that serving a meal buffet-style is practical, and especially efficient when serving a large crowd. Buffet style should not be confused with an all-you-can-eat buffet.

  • Buffet-style: a pre-determined portion is prepared for each guest.
  • All-you-can-eat buffet: the food will be replenished, thereby allowing guests to limitlessly serve themselves.

Have you ever been next to the finger-dipp'n and lick'n woman; tasting every salad dressing available?  What is the most disgusting behavior you've seen at the buffet?

Here are 17 Tips For Better Buffet Behavior...but first a joke.

Why does a pilgrim's pants always fall down?*  (punch line below)

1. Do not attack the buffet; approach it.
2. Do not attempt to get ahead of anyone; don't break up families, couples, or groups.
3. Be aware of two-sided service buffets.
4. Large groups; consider allowing others to go ahead of you.
5. Keep the line moving: stay off your phone, don't turn your back
6. Never-ever serve yourself with your fingers. Use serving utensils
7. Never taste-test while in line.
8. Do not overload your plate, especially if that item is in short supply.
9. Do not reach across or go back to particular dish once you've passed--unless it's a fork, knife or napkin. Say, "Excuse me please, I forgot to take a fork. Thank you."
10. Never-ever lick your fingers!
11. If someone steps in line (takes cuts), calmly and politely inform them and gesture to the back of the line.
12. Step away if you must sneeze or cough.
13. Just because the sign says, "All you can eat.", it doesn't mean you must.
14. Once you have served yourself, step away.
15. Be mindful of your conversation. Speak in a low voice.
16. Don't allow your child to roam under or around the buffet.  

17. Even though you serve yourself, a tip is required (if you are at a restaurant.)

Dear readers,

I am grateful to you and to those who comment; some with humor, others with passion; thank you.

May the Thanksgiving holiday be delicious, delightful, and civil.  Bon appetit!

Rosalinda Randall

*Punch line: Because they wear their belt buckle on their hat!

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