Pacifica City Council Candidates Get to the Issues

Candidate forum hosted by the chamber of commerce last week addresses key issues facing Pacifica. Where do you stand?

A week ago the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce hosted a candidate forum in the City Council Chambers to highlight the positions held by Pacifica City Council candidates on key issues facing the community.

City Council candidates for the 4-year term — Karen Ervin, Mary Ann Nihart and Susan Vellone — and council candidates for the 2 year term — Richard Campbell, Gary Mondfrans, Mike O'Neill, and Victor Spano — were all invited to participate.

Long-time Pacifica resident Connie Menefee moderated the session, asking the candidations four questions concerning Pacifica's grim economic outlook, infrastructure issues, highway widening and development plans, and different approaches toward fixing some of Pacifica's challenges.

Those four questions were drafted by Pacifica resident and chair of the Government Affairs Committee of the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce, Jim Wagner, who used some help with the questions from other Government Affairs Committee members.

Those four questions were:

• What are your thoughts on the development of the Palmetto Main Street and the new library, and would you advocate the plans to the California Coastal Commission?

• Do you support Highway 1 improvement? If not, what is your proposal to alleviate gridlock and provide emergency vehicle access?

• What innovations would you propose to increase Pacifica's business base and how would you strengthen the local economy?

• What issue makes you stand out?

A full report of the candidate’s repsonses to these forum questions can be read here in a recent Pacifica Tribune article.

Or to read more candidate questions drafted by Wagner on the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce website, and the candidate's responses to those questions, go here.

From Highway 1 widening and the future of the Sharp Park Golf Course to the Palmetto "Main Street" plans and expanding Pacifica's tax base, what issues are important to you? Where do you stand on Pacificia's economic outlook and fixing Pacifica's challenges?

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Cindy Abbott October 02, 2012 at 03:17 PM
The number and variety of candidates forums this year is great. Tonight, Tuesday, October 2, 7 - 9pm, Pacifica City Council Chambers, Pacifica's Environmental Family is hosting a forum focused on Environmental Issues and Challenges. Looking forward to seeing Pacifica residents at the event.


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