Obama and Garamendi Ads Driving Guest Editor Crazy

Ads Do the Opposite When Aimed At the Wrong Market

I’ve enjoyed being ‘Guest Editor’ for the Dixon Patch despite that I am still working hard at establishing a new retail shop in downtown Dixon. What I have not enjoyed is opening my Dixon Patch site every single day and staring all day long at President Barack Obama and his lovely wife, Michelle.

It is true I do not agree with just about anything this President says or does but the fact is I can respect that he won a presidential campaign fair and square and therefore deserves to be given the benefit of my doubts. But that is not why I don’t like seeing him on my work page. If he were on my television, I could turn him off. But, he is where I work and I have no choice.

The idea about not being able to campaign in one’s workplace is starting to make sense to me. I try not to look but then there is movement to catch my eye and I must make a deliberate effort to ignore that part of my page.

All I can think of is how much money is being spent on those ads. If we took all that money and built a factory that employs workers who produce something significant—say beepers that help people find their lost keys or cell phones, I wouldn’t be bothered. I would think it was money well spent. But nope, this is money—lots of it (unless he owns America Online)—that is spent trying to convince me to vote for him which would be say—well, a cold day in hell. I most definitely see this as money not well spent. Just how many people’s votes are actually swayed by flashing advertisements on an internet site? Do I really want to sign his birthday card?

I also don’t like the Garamendi ads, either. I believe the man is a career politician that gave up doing good when he first gerrymandered—now that he’s gerrymandered more than once, I don’t think he’s in politics to watch out for anyone but himself. I’ve spoke to the man on a couple occasions and he smelled fake with a capital F within the first 10 seconds. I just don’t like even seeing him in his pretend cowboy hat living on the corner of my screen every day. What in the heck is someone supposed to do with these ads?

While most ads are targeted to get you to do business, these ads are having the opposite affect and are making me crazy. 

This is scarcely the beginning of a long campaign season yet I do have a bit of good news. I have figured out one small way of dealing with seeing unwanted politicians where my eyes want to see news, fellow Dixonites, and updates on our local government. I have discovered that if I have two pages open simultaneously, I can cover the half of the page with the square Obama and Garamendi ads with the other document. Remember, this is just my opinion.

Gary Erwin July 19, 2012 at 06:35 PM
Devon, if your mother’s goal by writing the “opinion” was to disenfranchise readers she has achieved her goal. Anyone other than a Republican or Tea Party member could have been insulted by her writings. As stated our town has another religopolitical rag in town it would be nice not to have this issue creep into the Patch. In an ideal world the Editor is impartial and falls silent on issues of partisan politics, other than to report it’s incidence. http://www.apme.com/?page=EthicsStatement http://www.chicagotribune.com/chi-ethicscode,0,4040906.story You would do well to read the above links and then contemplate this issue again.
Joe Knows July 26, 2012 at 12:00 PM
Way to bully the new editor Gary! This is the Dixon Patch you are reading, not the SFGate.
Gary Erwin July 26, 2012 at 06:48 PM
If you throw a hard ball don't be surprised if it gets returned faster and harder than the original. If it had been a softball most of us would have overlooked it. We should all expect, strive for and desire an impartial Editor.
Debra Dingman July 26, 2012 at 10:10 PM
Just to remind folks, I was "Guest Editor" and now my assignment is over. I'm too smart to let go of a major investment (such as my children's clothing and toy store) easily. I was encouraged to involve the readership and the discussion of whether or not an Editor can have an opinion (even if it's posted under OPINION") has brought a worthy debate. Maybe I'll turn into a blogger now...
Randy Davis July 27, 2012 at 03:22 AM
The Patch is a business. If you don't like the way the business operates, find another outlet for local news and discussion. I got tired of the Sacramento Bee's politics and discontinued my subscription. I would like "news' articles to be unbiased as possible, but I don't have that same expectation regarding opinion columns and editorials.


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