Chamber of Commerce Urges Economic Assessment of Open Land

As the city updates its general plan, local business leaders want to be sure the economic potential of open parcels is taken into consideration.

The Chamber of Commerce is very aware of the challenges facing our city in these tough economic times. Pacific’s economy, in our opinion, could remain soft for the next five or six years. Our city services will need to continue through this trough and every nickel will have to be accounted for and allocated strategically.

There are perhaps ten or so underutilized parcels available at this time in Pacifica. Developed prudently, these parcels could be an excellent source of funding for the foreseeable future. If we fail to utilize these parcels to their highest and best uses, Pacifica will continue to struggle financially. The evolving General Plan must clearly delineate the highest and best use for these properties. The zoning also needs to be evaluated so that we attain the maximum reasonable revenue stream.

Our community has been encouraged to participate in the General Plan update. That is good government. We need to realize that there will be a lot of differing opinions concerning what is the best use of a particular parcel. Those suggestions need to be means tested to assure that we understand the impacts of changes in use and zoning have on our community as a whole.

Once we identify and evaluate the possible revenue each parcel is capable of generating, we as a community and the council can make informed decisions based on actual numbers and benefits to our city. If we decide to change parcels to a use less than what could be expected should full development take place, we will then know what loss in revenue we can expect and make adjustments to our level of city services.

An example of this process is not hard to imagine. Perhaps a large parcel, that if fully developed to generate maximum revenue by way of some mix of housing, retail, or office space, is designated public park, we will know what level of revenue will be impacted and what future costs associated with that parcel designation will be incurred. Intelligent, informed analysis can replace excited rhetoric.

The Chamber of Commerce, on behalf of our membership, urge our city leaders to make an economic analysis of our General Plan a priority. Unless we know what fiscal impacts result from our decisions we can not evaluate the highest and best use of our remaining parcels.                                                                                                                                                                    


Sandi Anderson

President, Pacifica Chamber of Commerce     

Erin Macias April 12, 2012 at 04:48 AM
We should be looking to draw in "outlet" business in Pacifica. We are the perfect place for it because of our proximity to SF and the peninsula. We have so many vacancies already, what can the leaders (and chamber) do to attract and retain quality merchandisers in Pacifica? How many Pacificans drive to Target at least once a week for basic family needs? The closest Apple store is in SF and they do not have a genius bar - that's in Burlingame, yet we have Apple employees who are residents. The closest Walmart is a 40 minute drive. What about sporting goods as mentioned in an earlier article - baseball, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, volleyball, football+? Thousands of Pacifica families can't even purchase sporting goods for team sports in our town. Shopping in Daly City is a reality for Pacifica folks. Home Goods would do well here, so would a shoe outlet. If Dillards has an outlet, that would do really well here. Fresh and Easy is a good start. The stores must be discount or highly competitive to survive.
Bhatman April 12, 2012 at 05:29 AM
The Chamber of Commerce would better serve Pacifica by trying to fill vacant retail space then to push for re-zoning open space to build what? More housing? Mini malls? Development will cost us even more in order to provide city services to these under-utilized, unneeded, tax shelters. Forget it CofC, no one is buying your snake oil.


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