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Pacifica Resident Murdered in San Francisco

$1.3 Million Granted for Conservation in Pescadero, San Gregorio and Moss Beach

Funds will go towards alleviating impacts on endangered species habitat and reduce pollution entering the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.

The  (RCD) recently accepted $1.3 million in funding for conservation projects in Pescadero, San Gregorio and Moss Beach's Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.

The funding is comprised of three separate awards: $245,550 from the California Department of Fish and Game to restore endangered fish habitat in the San Gregorio Watershed; $575,000 from CalTrans to work with the Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) to enhance the habitat of endangered species at the Cloverdale Coastal Ranches in Pescadero; and $500,000 from San Mateo County for a project that seeks to reduce pollution entering the James V. Fitzgerald Marine Reserve through landowner-initiated actions such as managing stormwater runoff and controlling erosion and sediment runoff.

"We are thrilled that funding has become available to assist landowners with critical resource protection in our region," RCD director Kellyx Nelson said in a press release. "Like everyone else, we have felt the pinch of the economy these last few years.  We are hopeful that this is an indication of better times just around the corner.”

Read the on Half Moon Bay Patch. 


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