"Possible" Pit Bull Attack in Linda Mar

Pacifica Police were called after what seemed to be a pit bull attacked a resident's dog.

Update, Mar. 8 at 3:01p.m.

With regard to the breed of the attacking dog, Scott Delucchi, community affairs representative for the Pennsula Humane Society (PHS), said that the Pacifica Police Officer who responded to the 911 call believed it to be a pit bull and that the PHS officer who responded later also believed the dog to be a pit bull.

The owner provided that the dog was a pit bull when licensing it, he said. 

Original post:

A Pacifica Police officer shot and killed a "possible" pit bull after responding to an incident on Adobe Drive.

A female resident called the police just after 9a.m. Tuesday morning yelling that a loose dog had come into her house and was attacking her dog, a Corgi, Captain Joe Spanheimer said.

"When the first officer arrived on scene and entered the home, he saw the homeowner attempting to fend off a dog that was attacking her smaller dog," Spanheimer said.

The possible pit bull chased the smaller dog into a room after the officer arrived and pinned it to the floor by its throat, he said. When the officer approached, the aggressor dog turned to face the officer.

"The pit bull then started toward the officer who was approximately three to four feet away," Spanheimer said. "Fearing for his safety, the officer drew his service pistol and discharged one round at the pit bull striking it in the chest area. The pit bull subsequently expired."

Peninsula Humane Society Officers responded to the scene to assist the Pacifica Police Department, and an investigation determined that the pit bull and another loose dog, a husky, belonged to a nearby resident. The Humane Society, which will be handling the case from here on out, took both dogs and will be contacting the owner.

The Corgi was taken to a nearby animal hospital for its injuries.

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Kym March 09, 2012 at 11:18 PM
Unfortunatly, I cannot reply directly to your last post, Camden but I will down here. Are you really trying to justify the point of reporting both sides of pit bulls by flaunting your whole 2 articles and a post of the pet of the week?Really? And NO I DON'T THINK THAT WRITING AN ARTICLE ABOUT EVERY PIT BULL THERAPY DOG IS EXCESSIVE THANK YOU!!! But isn't it funny how you 'reporters' find it nessesary to report on EVERY pitbull attack or so-called 'pit bull' attack? Hmmm. You don't think that is extreme?And no, I am not trying to divert from the subject. Yes, I agree, the dog should NOT have been running loose, and I agree that the owner should pay the consequenses. As far as my 'theory' of pit bulls and the media, you should know, is very correct. You reporters have shown that to be true on your own. You seem to have nothing better to 'report' on than another 'pit bull' attack.
Camden Swita March 10, 2012 at 12:17 AM
Kym, based on your all-caps sentence, it seems as if you're getting upset. Please, stay calm. I don't think it's funny that we "reporters" report on every pit bull attack, because I don't think it's funny or exciting when they happen. I do, however, think that when the police notify the press that a dog attack has occurred, I should report on it. In my time here in Pacifica, I've received two reports from the police about a dog attack. Both involved a pit bull, and I reported on both. That, to me, is not "extreme". A woman was killed in Pacifica last year by a pit bull. Should I have not reported on that so as not to tarnish the breed's track record? You insist on bringing up the use of the word "possible" in your comments, and I think that's where you're missing the point. The police told me that it was a "possible" pit bull, I didn't just hear "dog attack" and make up "possible pit bull" to add some spice. I went and found other information, as soon as it was available, that confirmed that this dog was a pit bull. So, I think your point about there being some kind of media fixation with pit bulls, while perhaps valid in some venues, is poorly directed here. Maybe your comments would be better directed at other organizations that do actually advocate against owning or breeding pit bulls.
Serena Ip March 10, 2012 at 04:45 AM
i find it interesting that people who defend pit bulls get so aggressive - to me, that just supports the criticism they receive. to say that reporters only choose to report pit bull attacks is incredibly far-fetched. it also a little silly to say the media glorifies the bad rap pit bulls get. there is extensive research, statistics, and cases on pit bull attacks. it's unfortunate, but those are the facts.
Pat March 10, 2012 at 03:49 PM
I feel bad for the Corgi owner. I can imagine the fear and trama this dog and it's irresponsible owner have caused. Whether this dog was a pit bull or not dosen't really matter, it was an aggressive and dangerous dog and had no place in our community. A similar incident occured on Pedro Point in December when a aggressive dog killed a beloved emu who had been a resident on the Point for many years. This was caused by another irresponsible dog owner. This dog had prepreviously attacked another dog. I commend the Pacifica police dept. for not playing games and shooting the dog that attacked the Corgi. I would have done the same.
tim stack April 29, 2012 at 02:05 PM
hi serena. first let me say that it is a terrible thing to loose a pet. especially the way you lost your. now let me say a few things about pits. we have a dog,mufasa, that we got from a neighbor. he has some pit in him my cuz has a pit. both dogs are happy go lucky animals. mufasa cn be seen at the dog park at sanchez school most days playing with all the dogs and running along with a big smile on his face. my point is that the breed itself can and can not be agressive,. it depends on the owner and the love the dog is shown. again serena i am sorry for your lose. tim


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