Police Blotter: Citizen's Arrest and "It Doesn't Look Like They're Going to Play Baseball"

A run-down of crime and police activity in Pacifica.

Oct. 5 - 1:30p.m. A report of vandalism was made regarding tire tracks sighted at Fairmont West Park, located on the 5000 block of Palmetto Avenue.

Oct. 6 - 4:23p.m. Man in the Road. A welfare check was called in to police. A passerby reported seeing an elderly man in a wheelchair in the middle of the roadway at the intersection of Oceana Boulevard and Clarendon Road. The caller reported concerns that the man was putting himself at risk of being struck by a passing vehicle.

Oct. 7 - 9:24p.m. A resident of the 300 block of Norfolk Drive reported finding bones in a crawlspace of their garage. 6p.m. Two male subjects walking toward Sharp Park Golf Course were reported to police by a passerby who found the pair suspicious. The reporting party had said, “It doesn’t look like they’re going to play baseball.” 6:50p.m. A resident of the 1400 block of Adobe Drive reported a home break-in. The suspect was known to the victim, as it was a family member who the resident had a restraining order against.

Oct. 8 - 2:44p.m. A suspicious person report was made regarding an elderly man loitering in the Fairmont Plaza parking lot who was allegedly soliciting patrons of the plaza’s businesses for money.  4:58p.m. Vandalism at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, located at 4400 Cabrillo Highway, was reported. A window on the front door of the church had been smashed by an unknown suspect overnight. No other damage to the building was reported. 5:32p.m. A resident of the 700 block of Noriega Way said that a diamond back BMX bicycle had been stolen from the front yard of their home. The reporting party said the front yard has an enclosed gate so whomever took the bike had also entered their gate to steal it.

Oct. 9 - 12:55p.m. Citizens Arrest. A resident of the 400 block of Brighton Road reported that a neighbor had left a dog unattended in the gated area of a children’s park nearby. The resident alleged that this is an ongoing problem and stated the desire to make a citizen’s arrest going forward. 7:18p.m. Petty theft was reported at Linda Mar Safeway. A group of juveniles had reportedly stolen a bottle of rum. The suspects pushed an employee of the store and ran with the stolen merchandise, according to the employee’s account. 8p.m. Police responded to a driver in Linda Mar Center who was believed to be under the influence (DUI) of alcohol. Juveniles with the driver were also found to have been drinking alcohol. 8:30p.m. A report was made regarding gunshots heard in the area around the unit block of Aurora Court. The reporting party claimed that an elderly man “shoots off a .22 back there a lot.” 10:59p.m. A noise disturbance was reported on the unit block of Muir Way. A resident in the area complained of a loud party that had reportedly gone on for several hours.

Oct. 10 - 10:28a.m. A vehicle reportedly “spun-out” at Skyline and Hickey boulevards and was facing oncoming traffic in a ditch on the roadside.

Oct. 11 - 6:36p.m. A passerby reported seeing a cat in the roadway at San Pedro Avenue and Cabrillo Highway that appeared to have been struck by a vehicle. 8:37p.m. A resident of the 1400 block of Madeira Drive reported that an unknown driver of a small black sedan had thrown rocks at the front window of the reporting party’s home. The resident said they went outside to confront the suspect, who then drove off. A description of the driver was not given. 6:28p.m. A passerby reporting seeing bones at Sharp Park Beach, that appeared to be part of a rib cage or back bone. The reporting party said they didn’t believe these to be animal bones.


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