Police Blotter: Apartment Manager Punches Tenant Through Car Window, Mom Finds Daughter's Hypodermic Needle

The following information was supplied by the Pacifica Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

Aug. 28


12:37 a.m., Francisco Boulevard: A cell phone was stolen by a man with a shaved head, black shirt and shorts last seen on Francisco.


1:41      a.m., Rockaway Beach Ave.: Three males skateboarding in the area were suspected of vandalizing vehicles in the area. When police arrived the suspects were gone.


6:33      a.m. Fairmont, Hickey Boulevard: Unknown suspect broke the front window and took the cash register from a business.


2:38 a.m. Eureka Square Ctr.: Police were called to do a welfare check on a transient male digging for food in a trashcan and eating it. Reporting person asked police to provide resources to help.


6:11      p.m. Skyridge Drive: Report was taken of four individuals riding skate boards and bike riding on open space property near a pond and foot path.


7:19      p.m., Gateway Dr: An apartment manager tried to punch a tenant through his vehicle window over a parking space.


8:40      p.m., Flores Dr: A woman’s ex-husband came over to discuss child support, he got upset, they got into a verbal argument, and he threw a glass across the room.


8:50      p.m., Francisco Boulevard: A woman reported that her attorney kissed her and touched her inappropriately.


10:11 p.m. Surfers Lot on Old County Road: A black Nissan Maxima was broken into with a golf club, smashing the rear passenger window.


10:18 p.m., Clarendon Road: A car alarm went off after the reporting person saw a male subject lying down inside a green El Camino.


10:22 p.m. Linda Mar Boulevard/Cabrillo Hwy.: A bush or sleeping bag was torched on fire with flames encroaching trees near homeless encampment.


Aug. 29


3:28 a.m., Skyline Bl/Glencourt Way: CHP reported a vehicle that went into a ditch on Skyline between Glencourt and Manor.


11:40      a.m., Naomi Avenue: Neighbor filed a complaint about a group of men hanging out in front of her house on a regular basis.


12:32      p.m., Crespi Dr.: A man was assaulted by a suspect who left the scene in a white Chrysler. He didn’t get the license plate number.


1:37      p.m., Cabrillo Hwy/Reina Del Mar Ave.: A driver in a blue Toyota Prius was reported to police for falling asleep at the wheel when the light changed, and he didn’t move.


2:43 p.m., Paloma Ave./Palmetto Ave.: Four girls and two boys were seen pulling down street signs. They fled before police got there.


5:52      p.m., Manor Dr/Johnson Ave.: A dark blue Audi A4 was shot by an air gun, damaging the driver’s side of the vehicle.


6:02      p.m., Arroyo Drive: A man reports being harassed by his neighbors when driving through a kickball game and grimacing at him. He went to court for a restraining order but the judge dismissed it and instead strongly urged the other party to stay away from the man.


6:41      p.m., Dondee Way/San Marlo Way: A driver in his late 50s with a bald head, hair on the sides with glasses driving a white pick-up truck was reported purposely trying to run over a teen, who ran for his life.


7:31      p.m., De Solo Drive: Bullet casings were reported found in a gutter.


Aug. 30


7:58      a.m., Linda Mar Boulevard/Adobe Drive: A man reported getting “weird looks” from a male wearing a baseball cap and driving around in a gold Jeep Cherokee in the Linda Mar area.


10:20 a.m., Fremont Ave./Clifton Rd.: Two large dogs in the area were reported being aggressive.


12:41      p.m., Linda Mar Boulevard/Adobe Dr.:, A blue Ford Mustang was reported having a passenger who was yelling obscenities.


2:22      p.m., Cabrillo Hwy.: Two men were reported taking pictures on top of a roof.


3:20      p.m., Navarre Drive: A woman was threatened over the Internet and wanted an officer to respond and read what was being posted.


5:01 p.m., Talbot Ave.: Apartment resident reported the odor of marijuana coming from his neighbor.


Aug. 31


8:17      a.m., Inverness Dr/Hickey Bl.: A male was reported sleeping in a white Honda for more than an hour.


8:31      a.m., Roberts Rd/Crespi Dr: A white Ford Econoline van parked next door to the senior apartment complex was reported for having someone living inside.


11:21      a.m., Lakeside Av/Francisco Bl.: A male was reported for taking something out of the middle of a cypress tree and putting it in his car and then placing something back in the tree.


1:15      p.m., Ridgeway Dr.: Illegal dumping of lawn clippings and furniture were reported on Lundy south of Archery driveway.


1:16      p.m., De Solo Dr.: A woman with a restraining order that has not yet been served on her son reported him for taking her silver Ford Mustang.


5:39      p.m., Linda Mar Bl.: A transient male with a bicycle chained to a disabled ramp railing and smoking outside a business was asked by the store manager to move further away from the building.


4:16      p.m. Manor Dr.: A woman in her 20s dressed in white was loitering in a store and was asked to leave by the clerk but she wouldn’t. She was gone by the time police arrived on the scene.


7:47      p.m., Ridgeway Dr.: A homeless man with long stringy dark hair wearing all brown was reported walking in the middle of the street on Frontage Road.


8:26 p.m., Lockhaven Dr/Claridge Dr.: Two gunshots were heard and reported.


Sept. 1 

11:30 a.m.,      Francisco Bl.: A hotel manager was reported for being too aggressive with a customer who was checking out late.


12:32 p.m., Flores Dr.: Sterling silver reported missing but house did not appear to be broken into.


12:35 p.m., Crespi Dr.: A woman called police concerned about her daughter suspected of drug use, home with a friend and suspicious people hanging around outside. She later found a hypodermic needle when her daughter left to take the dog out.


2:25 p.m., Linda Mar Center: A child was found left unattended in a car for over an hour. The car was a black Ford explorer with a handicapped plate.


5:57      p.m., Linda Mar Bl/Desolo Dr.: Son’s friends took money from a woman’s purse and left in a vehicle.


10:57 p.m., Flores Drive: A woman who admitted to have been drinking got into a verbal disagreement with her daughter, who left the house and went to a friend’s.


Sept. 2


3:50 a.m., Palmetto Ave./Bill Drake Way: A man taking a taxi from San Francisco to Pacifica asked the cab driver to pull over because he was driving recklessly. He reported him for not listening and getting verbal with him.


6:48      a.m., Peralta Rd: A man was reported staggering down the street and appeared to be very intoxicated, falling down.


1:46      p.m., Sheila Lane: An alcoholic roommate got mad at his roommate and threw her radio out the window, breaking some of her other things. She wants him out of the house and he reports that she’s been very verbally abusive the past couple of days.


2:22      p.m., Hickey Bl.: A man was having an argument with girlfriend, who tried to take his belongings and throw them on the ground.


3:20 p.m., Manzanita Dr. A man was reported chasing his daughter outside the residence, twisting her arm, pulling her hair and yelling.


Sept. 3


9:57      a.m., Yosemite Dr.: A metal grate from a drainage box was stolen and is estimated to be worth approximately $1,000.


11:51 a.m., Crespi Dr.: Barking dog was reported barking in a backyard for three days in a row.


12:39      p.m., Linda Mar Center: Two unknown suspects were reported for stealing alcohol and water from a store.


7:06      p.m., Francisco Bl.: A suspect hopped a fence into a tow yard and stole a white Nissan Maxima 1990s model and drove away through the gate.


Sept. 4


11:57 a.m., Banff Way: A man reported his daughter having a fit, throwing things and upset about money.


2:14 p.m., Milagra Dr.: Two German Shepards were wandering off-leash and charged a woman for the second time.


6:36      p.m., Alvarado Ave.: A 1999 Buick Century was reported stolen.


8:59      p.m., Hickey Bl.: A father asked police to check on his two kids after the mother refused to answer her phone when she was suppose to drop the kids off at his house after school and she never showed up.


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