Phone Scam Targeting Seniors Surfaces Locally

A local man received a call from a man claiming to be his grandson, Michael, who was asking for money.

I recieved a phone call on my cell today (Sept. 19) saying, "Hello Grandpa, how are you? I am not too fine. I am in Seattle, wandered on a Indian reservation, got thrown in jail, going before a judge in 2 hours, got a lawyer and can I use you as a reference? I need to borrow $900 and the lawyer will call you in a little while about arrangeing the money, I will pay you back when I can."

I said, "Who is this?" and the man replied, "Your grandson, Michael."

"You only get one phone call, right?" I asked.

"Yes," he said.

"Well, you're surely in trouble as I don't have a grandson named Michael!"

Then, he hung up.

The only reason I am posting this is because after putting something on Facebook about it, several Pacifica people said they knew of local people it happened to who had lost money.

Editor's Note: The Internal Revenue Service warned in early August that seniors in the San Francisco Bay Area were falling prey to a phone scam, but it had to do with a fake tax credit for which the scammers were convincing the elderly they were elidgible. This is something else, it seems.

Have you received a call?

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Ryan Mosier October 15, 2011 at 01:55 AM
report the scammer to http://www.callercenter.com! expose them!
dot bolton October 22, 2011 at 06:29 AM
After we told a friend about this call, 2 days later he got a call, forgot what we told him, heard his grandsons voice, he thought, and agreed to send money, $5000. He went with his heart feelings for his grandson. Called his daughter and found out it was not his grandson. We need the newspapers to put the warning on the front pages, not page 3 or 12, front page and it would not hurt to put them on the bank windows and western union.


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