Parent of Alleged Special Education Teacher Abuse Victim Files $1 Million Claim

The Redwood City School District, alleged abuser Alexia Bogdis, administrators and teachers aides are listed as defendants in the claim, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

A parent of one of the alleged victims in the Special Education teacher abuse case has taken legal action seeking compensation for the alleged attack, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

Nadia Cortez filed a $1 million notice of claim with the Redwood City School District, Alexia Alika Bogdis (her child’s alleged attacker), administrators and teachers aides listed as defendants in the claim, the Mercury reports.

A notice of claim is typically a precursor to a lawsuit.

Bogdis, 44 of Millbrae, is a accused of a series of violent attacks on small children suffering with developmental disabilities while in her in her special education classes at Roosevelt, prosecutors said.

She will stand trial later this year on five misdemeanor counts of child cruelty and four counts of battery on school grounds, Chief Deputy District Attorney Karen Guidotti said.

Bogdis’ alleged attacks left Cortez’s son with injuries that required hospitalization, the Mercury reports.

The alleged incidents were witnessed by classroom aides, prosecutors said.

Bogdis’ alleged victims, who suffer from autism, were unable to make statements because of their age and developmental disability, prosecutors said.

A Bay City News article published by the San Francisco Examiner earlier this year reports that Bogdis allegedly slapped a student, "twisting a student's wrist and kicking the back of a chair, causing the desk to move forward and strike a student, according to police."

She is also accused of kicking a child in the stomach and depriving a child of food, according to police sources cited in the BCN report.

Bogdis' alleged victims are 4-year-old autistic boys, BCN reports.

Bogdis is free on $15,000 bail. Her trial date is set for Dec. 17.


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Jo Mama September 19, 2012 at 02:24 PM
I wonder why Redwood City School District administrators are named in this law suit? Oh yeah, I remember now, because they lied, covered it up. In this case and in subsequent allegations against another employee they publically threatened to discipline anyone else who came forward in the district.... for not previously having reported abuses of this nature. Yes. There it is. Where is the school board? Where is Shelly Maser? Not protecting children. Not taking action. Protecting the adults in district, as apparently the board thinks they were elected to protect the adults.
Michael Craig September 19, 2012 at 05:27 PM
I do remember this being brought up on Patch before and I agree with Jo Mama above. The politics in Redwood City School District seemed to stop them from caring about the child abused and more about the Teacher accused. It is a sad day when Teachers, Teachers Unions, and School Administrators circle the wagons to protect a Teacher and the child is completely forgotten. All instances of alleged abuses should be taken seriously especially in a cases where children have disabilities and no way to defend themselves. I hope that this sends a clear message to all Teachers, and Administrators that abuse and the subsequent cover up will not be tolerated!
I hear you September 19, 2012 at 06:41 PM
***Amnesty for school district abuse reporters*** I propose that the district and/or the school board offers a WELL publicized amnesty for all employees who have witnessed abuse of children by staff, with an independent oversight committee not chosen by the district. These mandatory reporters were threatened by the district with discipline for not coming forward. So of course now they won’t report abuse. Those who fear for their job, fear for losing the ability to put food on their own table if they come forward need to be safe to report and encouraged to do so. Only then will the district be able to earn the trust of the community and their mandatory reporter employees- the first, last, and only line of defense for children.


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