Pacifica Police Blotter

A rundown of recent police activity and crime in Pacifica

Victim reports his vehicle vandalized

Nov. 10 at approximately 5:35pm - A victim reports that his vehicle was vandalized while parked at a carport on 336 3rd Avenue. The victim parked the car on the evening of October 28, and returned at about 9am on Nov. 1 to find all four tires slashed, both sides of the vehicle  "keyed" (scratched from end to end, presumably with a sharp object like a key) and light cover lenses smashed. No suspects were implicated, and no witnesses have come forward to Pacifica Police. The victim did not report the incident until Nov. 10 at the advice of an insurance agent. 

Victim's vehicle window is smashed

Nov. 9 at approximately 10:07pm - A victim's vehicle was vandalized in the parking lot of the Pacifica Spindrift Players Theater at 1050 Crespi Drive. The victim reported parking the car at about 7:30pm for a theater rehearsal. When the victim returned to her car at about 10pm, she saw that a window was smashed and her belongings within the car had been displaced. No theft had occurred.

Unknown suspect vandalizes Linda Mar Beach rest area

Nov. 9 at approximately 11:39am - An officer responds to a report that a bathroom stall at the Linda Mar Beach rest area had been vandalized. On the scene, an employee of the Department of Public Works informed the officer that he had noticed the gold paint at about 11am. The employee did not know when the stalls were last checked for vandalism. No suspect was found, and the officer had not noticed any identifying marks in the graffiti.


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