Pacifica Police Beat 11/11/2010

A roundup of the latest Pacifica P.D. happenings

All , here is a look at what else is going on at the Pacifica Police Department. 

DUI enforcement grant to be shared with neighboring police departments

The has been awarded a special DUI Enforcement and Awareness Grant by the California Office of Traffic Safety in the amount of $99,000 dollars to finance a year-long anti-DUI program.

The grant will enable Pacifica Police to initiate a program involving Driving Under the Influence (DUI) checkpoints, arrest warrant operations for DUI offenders and saturation patrols.

California recorded 950 alcohol-impaired driving fatalities in 2009, a 7.6 percent decline from 1,025 in 2008. The California Office of Traffic Safety attributes the decline to DUI checkpoints and anti-DUI enforcement efforts.

"The Pacifica Police Department is committed to keeping our roadways safe by utilizing a zero tolerance approach to DUI," said Pacifica Police Chief Jim Saunders.

In keeping with the anti-DUI effort, city council has approved a contract between the San Bruno, Daly City and Pacifica police departments giving the involved agencies responsibilities to be supported by the grant.

Pacifica Police using the latest technology

The Pacifica Police Department is also expecting another funding commitment--a project to digitize police records to the tune of $32,328.31. 

BMI Imaging systems Inc. will be awarded the contract to convert the police records, which are currently kept in an outdated microfilm format, into a digital format.

As of late, the police department has made numerous efforts to use emerging technology in the department's records keeping processes. Earlier this month, the Pacifica Police Department partnered with crimereports.com to create a "crime map" of Pacifica.

The Pacifica crime map website displays locations and incidents of crime within Pacifica in real-time, allowing the public to search the map and stay "informed on a regular basis as to what is going on in the community," said police chief Jim Saunders.

In June of this year, an online police reporting system was made available to the public via the department's website where community members can file reports with the department sans paperwork. 

Pacifica police has encouraged residents to use the system to file incident reports ranging from petty theft and vandalism to drug and crime tips.

Public Records sharing with Half Moon Bay

The Pacifica City Council approved a contract Monday to share a public records clerk between the Pacifica and the Half Moon Bay police departments.

The contract approves this shared service through a three month period.


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