Gang Members Convicted: Robbery, Attempted Murder

A case from 2010 for a crime spree committed in South City, Pacifica and Colma came to a close at the end of last week.

Two Norteño gang members were convicted Friday for robbery, attempted murder and conspiracy conducted in South San Francisco, Pacifica and Colma two years ago.

Andrew Jarome Marquez, 19, and Ronald John Resendez, 19, both pleaded no contest to conspiracy and attempted murder. Resendez also pleaded no contest to robbery.

Marquez was sentenced to 16 years in state prison and Resendez was sentenced to 17 years with 908 days credit for time served and $3,029.84 restitution to a victim.

On Aug. 20, 2010, the defendants drove to the Shell gas station on Hickey Blvd. in Pacifica in a stolen Toyota Camry. They entered the station and began to rob it, and when the cashier opend the register slowly, Resendez shot him in the legs 4 times.

Two hours later, the two defendants and two others robbed the 7-Eleven store on Callan Blvd. in the Westborough neighborhood of South San Francisco. 

Thereafter, the defendants decided to get rid of the stolen Toyota and carjack a taxicab in Colma. When the driver resisted, the defendants stabbed him through the hand.

Subsequently the defendants fled in the Toyota, Colma police saw the stolen car, the defendants jumped out of the car and began running. Resendez's firearm was found 60 feet from the stopped car, and police found accomplice Robert John Herrera hiding in someone's backyard nearby.  The 2 other suspects who were part of the crime spree were arrested 2 days later.

Before Friday's conviction, Resendez was in custody in lieu of $3,000,000 bail, and Marquez was in custody with no bail.

In March 2012, Herrera was sentenced to 20 years in state prison. The fourth co-defendant, Daniel Alejandro Bustos-Mendez was sentenced to 3 years in April of this year.

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Jo Tog October 24, 2012 at 01:43 AM
Good work coppers , in catching the little thugs.
Kay Fuller-Nichols November 08, 2012 at 08:59 AM
Pacifica is so very beautiful, but we only lived there for a month because of this type of hilly-billy mountain grab ass type of enviroment. We really do not understand why such a beautiful place is marred with such degenerate folks. They are all over the place. Very loud and vicious. They are not black people (as any media would imply or infer you to believe) these are white males and males of Latin background. Many of them do not work and hang out in pick up trucks and are very menancing in appearance. Many of them will follow you home after returning from a pharmacy for your prescription drugs. They tend to harass or attack couples or families who are innocent and non-threatening (particularly those who are "different" from certain residents. As beautiful as Pacifica is, do not allow the area to fool you, you may as well live in the middle of New York City regarding the pockets of crime and the nature of the violence in Pacifica, particularly now. Even the businesses are as dishonest in the apartment complexes. The Property managers are too young and arrogant and seemingly come from homes where sloth is their motto brand of quality living. Just take a drive around Pacifica and keep going. It is not worth being nervous and intimidated by individuals who didn't bother to finish high school and have become meth heads living off the fat of the land or enduring any business with the arrogant wannabe's who seriously need to be fired and slapped for being immature little dummies
Kay Fuller-Nichols November 08, 2012 at 09:02 AM
I agree. Keep catching the ones who hang out in front of the mini-malls and watch for thuggery-meth behavior by making rounds to the residential areas. This is unacceptable for any family or couple to live this way.


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