CVS Must Pay Nearly $100K Settlement to County

A judge ruled that CVS Pharmacy, Inc. violated California environmental laws.

The San Mateo County District Attorney’s office announced Wednesday that CVS Pharmacy, Inc., must pay a total of $13.75 million to the county and 43 other California District Attorneys and City Attorneys for improper handling of hazardous materials.

CVS must may $60,000 to the and $35,000 to the county Environmental Health Division.

For over seven years, CVS allegedly violated California laws for safe storage, handling and disposal of various types of waste, including pharmaceutical, pharmacy, photo and hazardous waste generated from spills and customer returns of hazardous products.

The investigation began after environmental enforcement officials from the state of Connecticut similarly inspect CVS’s practices. California health inspectors and prosecutors found evidence of the violations and worked with CVS stores to correct these practices.

The stores must now properly store, handle, transport and dispose of the waste at proper facilities and document compliance with lawful procedures.

CVS operates 15 stores in San Mateo County, with several locations throughout the county.

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