Blotter: Sister Gets Hit Over the Head With a Strainer; Argumentative Teen Smokes Cigarettes in Bed All Day

The following information was supplied by the Pacifica Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction. Police log for Pacifica from Sept. 12-18

Sept. 12


1:54   p.m. Reina Del Mar Ave.: A man was found facedown in the grass next to a chain link fence at a school wearing a brownish sweater.


5:05 p.m. Linda Mar Center: A suspect with black spiky hair 20 to 30 years old stole several items from the beauty aisle and placed them in his backpack.


5:39 p.m. Horizon Way: Landlord reports that his previous tenant, evicted on Sept. 4, 2012, damaged the inside of the residence and stole appliances.


9:28 p.m. Lynbrook Drive: A daughter was reported by her parents for being violent, throwing items out of the house and banging on the doors inside the house.


Sept. 13


2:27 p.m.  Modoc Place: A guitar was stolen from a residence with possible suspect information.  


2:52 p.m.  Park Pacifica Ave.: A neighbor reports that there is a suspicious red pick up truck with a ladder parked in front of his neighbor’s house and they are currently not home.


3:07 p.m. Montezuma Drive: Money and other miscellaneous items were stolen from a house when entry was made through a bedroom window.


3:27 p.m.  Adobe Drive: A woman reports receiving threatening phone calls at her work from her boyfriend, who says he’s going to beat her up when she gets home. He has a restraining order but has contact to exchange the son.


7:39 p.m.  Linda Mar Boulevard/Capistrano Drive: A black car was reported doing “big loud do-nuts.”


8:54 a.m. Andover Drive: A woman contacted the Pacifica Police seeking advice about her ex-boyfriend who is doing illegal things.


Sept. 14


2:33 a.m. Paloma Off Ramp/Cabrillo Hwy.: DUI. Driver was pulled over for erratic driving and was found to be intoxicated.     


8:57 a.m. Pacifica Police Department on Cabrillo Hwy.: Citizen came into the Pacifica Police Department’s lobby to report a counterfeit bill.


12:30 p.m. San Pedro Terrace Rd/Peralta Rd.: Petty Theft. A woman gave her phone to a “friend,” who never gave the phone back.


1:20 p.m. Inverness Drive: Suspect(s) broke into a home by breaking a window and then stealing the TV.


5:19 p.m. Oceana Boulevard/Eureka Drive: A woman reported being struck by her ex-boyfriend. She refused medical attention.


5:28 p.m. Inverness Drive: Three juveniles were reporting doing stunts and filming each other on top of a roof.


7:07 p.m.  Cabrillo Hwy./Sharp Park Road: A vehicle was reported weaving in and out of lanes and someone threw a 40-ounce can of beer out the window.


8:04 p.m.  Reina Del Mar Av/Cabrillo Hwy.: A reckless driver was reported for tailgating and flashing their lights.


10:40 p.m. Clarendon Rd/Palmetto Ave.: Three people, two of which were in wheelchairs, were reported for being in the middle of the street in the dark.


11:05 p.m. Bancroft Way: Strange noises were heard on top of the roof of a residence. Unknown if it was human or animal.


Sept. 15


3:41 p.m. Big Bend Drive: Unknown suspect entered an unlocked garage and took the mail.


4:27 p.m.  Ressa Road: Report of a man always drunk, yelling and threatening his kids was taken by police.


7:43 p.m.  Cabrillo Hwy.: Two computers were stolen out of car. Suspects broke the windows to get in.


11:11 p.m. Claridge Drive: Citizen heard someone screaming for help, “like it was coming from the bottom of the valley.”


Sept. 16


2:16 a.m. Seaside Drive: Two people were reported running down the street checking doors on cars. They were wearing black hoodies and were last seen heading toward Moose Lodge.


2:36  a.m.  Esplanade Ave.: A woman visiting her friend reported that the friend’s ex-boyfriend entered the house and was being violent.


1:49 p.m. Madeira Drive: Ongoing problem with neighbor continues when a citizen was sitting in his garage and the neighbor accused him of staring at him.


3:10  p.m. Terra Nova Boulevard: Two kids were reported for setting fire to something by the baseball field.


7:12  p.m. Pacifica Police Department on Cabrillo Hwy.: Ex-husband was suppose to drop off child for visitation at family visitation center by 5:30 p.m. but he called to say he would only meet his ex-wife at the police department and if she didn’t he would take the child back to his home.


9:08  p.m. Ursula Ave.: A man felt threatened and was concerned for the safety of his family when an unstable person followed him home from Half Moon Bay because the person believed he was rear ended by him.


Sept. 17


12:46 a.m. San Jose Ave.: Ex-girlfriend forced her way into the residence of her ex-boyfriend, through the dog door, and wouldn’t leave.


11:35 a.m.  Crespi Drive: Suspect seen on video taking pictures off the walls in a residence during a burglary.


2:19 p.m.  Claridge Drive: A woman reported that her mother in law and her mother got into a physical altercation. No injuries were reported.


3:16 p.m.  Reichling Ave.: Grandson called the police because his grandmother threw a coffee cup at him.


4:50 p.m. Lewis Lane: Police responded to a call from a woman who reported being hit over the head with a metal strainer by her sister while engaged in a verbal dispute.


5:16  p.m.  Franz Court: Roommate was reported missing. He mentioned having an operation but unknown if he is actually at the hospital.


Sept. 18


7:45 a.m. Oceana Boulevard: A clarinet was reported stolen after the owner left it at a SamTrans bus stop.


10:23  a.m. Farallon Ave.: A parent called police seeking help with their son, who’s not going to school, says he’s sick and lies in bed all day smoking cigarettes and is very “argumentative.”


12:53 p.m. Arguello Boulevard: A woman reported being harassed when she found inappropriate pictures posted all over her vehicle.


6:47 p.m. Oddstad Bl./Terra Nova Bl.: A male in his 30s wearing a red and white plaid shirt and appeared to be disheveled driving a maroon dodge Durango was reported for driving erratically.


7:43 p.m. Montezuma Dr/De Solo Dr.: A male walking along was reported for staggering into the roadway and in front of vehicles.


7:58 p.m. Pacifica Pier on Beach Bl.: An unknown suspect assaulted a man and his friend by punching them.


11:26 p.m. Clifton Road: A man got into a verbal argument with his brother in law and asked him to leave but he refused.

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