Op-Ed: An Open Letter to All Friends of Don Pico's

After the untimely passing of the owner of Don Pico's, his sisters share their thoughts with the community about some recent changes that have taken place at the restaurant.

Dear Friends of the Original Don Pico’s and the Mejia Family, 

Firstly, we would like to thank you all for your support. Through this difficult time of our brother’s passing, the love we have felt from the community is absolutely and sincerely appreciated.  Every member of our family was able to read the wonderful comments you have all left, before they were all deleted, and we cannot express how much it warms our hearts to read your wonderful words and memories regarding our family. 

It is unfortunate that through this period of mourning the terrible loss of our only brother, a loss that will never be corrected, a man who could never be replaced, we have to deal with issues that should not have to be dealt with at a time like this, or, for that matter, at any time. 

We, as family, have stuck together and will infinitely do so. Our brother's desires are ours. It is our goal to keep this family’s reputation and our brother’s legacy as prominent and remarkable as he was.  Don Pico’s is our brother’s legacy and we wish we could have kept his restaurant’s history intact. 

Although we would have liked to keep the issues of the business private, public statements have been made that have not allowed us to do so. Don Pico’s has been a Mejia family establishment since 1975, first opened by our parents, Isaac and Herlinda Mejia and successively run by the family. We have worked and grown up there the last 35 years; our children have grown up there as well. In 2006, Don Pico’s became a corporation in the name of Isaac and Lucy Mejia. This is public record. Lucy is now the sole officer of this corporation. Our brother did not leave any known will or trust. We do not wish to contest any legal ownership.

We never voluntarily chose to leave our restaurant. However, we had no choice. Managers were hired without our knowledge. The restaurant, our home where we worked side by side with our brother for 35 years was taken from us just our brother was.  Yes, it is true, we were not fired. We were replaced. We would never quit on our investment, our brother’s legacy, our brother’s dream.   

Prior to our brother’s passing, there was no turmoil or dysfunction in our family or in regards to the restaurant. Our brother owned it and he knew our family always had a place there. This worked for the 13 years he owned it and almost-four decades of Mejia family ownership.  We do not wish any harm or disdain for the new owner or the future of the restaurant and ask that all remain civil with any interaction towards the new owner as respect for our brother Isaac, the love he had for his daughter, Francesca and our parents who have suffered enough. However, the Don Pico’s at the original location will never be the same.  We do plan on keeping our brother’s legacy alive and his memory will always remain in our hearts. 

We appreciate your patience with us as we work through this great loss.  Once again, thank you so much for all your support. Isaac would be so happy to see how much support his dreams, his family and his legacy are receiving. 

Absolutely gracious and sincerely felt,

Anabel, Florencia, Angela and Martha Mejia

Bucksnort October 11, 2012 at 12:45 AM
To Florencia, et al.... We certainly hope the Mejia family are able to establish a new restaurant to continue Issac's legacy. It is truly a shame that generations of hard work and dedication can be wiped away so rapidly and irrationally. We will follow you were ever you go and I can assure you this...When a new Mejia Mexican Bistro opens in San Bruno, the line will be out the door and around the corner! God bless Issac and all the Mejia family.
Mel Phillips October 11, 2012 at 01:59 AM
My family and I just left Don Pico's and I must say from the bar tender, Jason, through the waitresses we had another great experience. The food was terrific and it was good to see a lot of usual crowd and exchange quips. I have been and still am a friend to the entire Mejia,family including Lucy for just about 35 years and i know the legacy Isaac left is still in place and moving toward a brighter future under the direction of Lucy.. What has happened we can not change but, we all must realize that Isaac would ant everyone involved to move toward a bright and happy future!!!
Anna Allen October 11, 2012 at 03:14 AM
Nice try Mel. I drove by at 5:30 and the parking lot had 3 cars there and there was plenty of parking in front. You are right, what has happened cannot change. And Isaac would have wanted his sisters there to continue the families legacy. Sadly, it is no longer.
Gary&Maria Johnson October 13, 2012 at 06:41 AM
To Florencia and the Mejia Family: We came to Don Pico's after Isaac passed to support his lovely sisters. Florencia was working hard, focused like a pro. The place was hopping. We went there again last weekend and a chill came over us. There were only four people in the bar and no one singing to the small crowd. We could not find a familiar face. The picture of Isaac Sr. and his lovely bride was not on the counter. We overheard a patron say, "it will never be the same." When we asked for Florencia, the hostess made an unpersuasive attempt to pretend that she had simply taken the night off. My family has been coming to Don Pico's for many years. My husband and I habitually drove from San Francisco every Saturday for takeout of ground beef enchiladas and Isaac's award winning chile verde. Most of the time when we came early, Isaac entertained us--talking about food, where to buy it, how to prepare it. And, he generously treated us to his exquisitely prepared specials--tender meatballs and the savory stew with pigs feet that he bought on Clement Street. We will never forget Isaac and we love the Mejia sisters. They are a family to be cherished. We are so happy to hear from them and thankful that they cared enough to tell us the truth about what happened, as sad and tragic as it is. We wish the Mejia family peace and unheard of blessings. Sisters, please keep in touch. We will never go back to the new Don Pico's.
A October 19, 2012 at 01:46 PM
I am extremely saddened by this change. It was not just an establishment of eatery but a place to connect with the San Bruno community...I went for the first time, to support Anabel and the Mejia family, after Isaac's tragic accident, and made Don Pico my only restaurant to visit from then on. No more. I cannot support an establishment that cannot respect family unity.


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