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Pacifica Stables Under New Ownership to Remain as Horse Boarding and Riding Facility

The new owners of Golden Gate Stables, formerly Pacifica Park Stables, bought the property 'to enjoy the land' and eventually would like to sell or donate some acreage to an open space trust.

Golden Gate Stables, Pacifica
Golden Gate Stables, Pacifica

Pacifica Park Stables is under new ownership. Now called Golden Gate Stables, the ranch is managed by self-proclaimed “land lovers” Paul Lancaster and Abraham Farag, who say they have no plans to build apartments on the property any time soon.

Lancaster is the ranch manager who lives onsite at Golden Gate Stables. He grew up in Pacifica next door to the ranch, riding at the stables since he was 12 years old. After joining the Army 10th Mountain Division Infantry, he returned to Pacifica and now has two horses named California Dream and Bay Momma that live on the ranch. He rides Western style and enjoys training and breaking in young horses.

Farag is a local entrepreneur and received a Mechanical Engineering Degree from MIT and Masters Degree in Product Design from Stanford. He worked at Apple computer and as CEO of Sparkfactor Design. He loves land so much, that he named the investment company he manages Working Dirt, he said. He hikes and camps with his wife and three kids.

What this duo brings to Golden Gate Stables is certainly a love for the land. The prior owners marketed the property in 2006, 2007 and 2012 as a potential development that could be subdivided into multiple new home sites. But since purchasing the 100 acres of property at 650 Cape Breton this past summer for $1.95 million, Lancaster and Farag say they will not build apartments but instead plan to keep the ranch operating as a horse boarding and riding facility.

Many things at the stables will stay the same. They will maintain an on site horse experienced manager and their double size stalls will stay. The riding trails where you can ride toward Sweeney Ridge and see the Farrallon Islands will also still be there.

What's different is that there are no resident trainers so boarders can use all of the ranch amenities all the time. Also, Farag and Lancaster are planning more community events, and they are working hard to improve the facilities.  

“We are in the process of setting up some monthly barrel races and other shows at the ranch,” said Farag. “We are hoping to bring back a restaurant to the site as we hear the prior one was loved by the community.”

They are also evaluating options to sell or donate much of the land to an open space trust group with continued access to the lands for horse riding. 

“We bought the property to enjoy the land,” said Farag, “and its connection to the Golden Gate National Parklands to the north.” 

Rachel Cauteruccio December 05, 2013 at 11:23 AM
This is great news since this is practically in my backyard. Was dreading the thought of housing being built here!! Congrats to the new owners!
Dee December 05, 2013 at 11:30 AM
Great story! I was wondering about this as I read it was sold last summer and feared the worst. I love that they are keeping it as is. These stables are a landmark in Pacifica.


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