Teachers Matter—Now More Than Ever

We are living in a time when our teachers—now more than ever—need a note of thanks.

I remember the day I wrote my first "thank you" note to a teacher. My daughter was just completing kindergarten. I wanted her teacher, Mrs. McKay, to know my daughter looked forward to going to school almost every day and came home after school to excitedly show me her drawings.

So I wrote a short note thanking her for making my daughter's first year of school such a success.

I loved saying thank you to someone who made such an impact on my daughter's life. And Mrs. McKay made a point of stopping me at school to let me know how much she appreciated the note.

A lesson learned about the importance of "thank you."

We are living in a time when our teachers—now more than ever—need a note of thanks.

And as PTA, we have created a new opportunity for you to thank a teacher. PTA Teachers-Making A Difference Award is designed to showcase and publicize the outstanding dedication and support of teachers for PTA.

To recognize the special contributions of teachers at your school to PTA, California State PTA will select and feature their stories in our publications and on our website. Click here to read about some of our honored teachers.

Tell us about a teacher at your school and how that teacher’s dedication is so special. Honorees for this award should be:

  • A PTA/PTSA member
  • Credentialed teacher at a PTA school in California

Nominations can be made throughout the year. Every nominated teacher will receive a letter of appreciation and a certificate. One teacher's name will be drawn monthly for special recognition, a free registration to the California State PTA Annual Convention and a gift basket of software/hardware, valued at $100 to $200, donated by our newest Member Perks provider, JourneyEd.

Find the application to nominate PTA teachers, in English and in Spanish.

Editor's Note: Carol Kocivar is California state PTA president.

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Alan January 16, 2013 at 05:53 PM
Most schools don't have PTA's. They have PTO's which are local and not affiliated with the California PTA.
Frustrated January 16, 2013 at 06:13 PM
Actually, there's only ONE school in the entire TVUSD that has a PTO rather than a PTA.
Tom January 16, 2013 at 07:26 PM
Good teachers of course matter and I think most of them are quite good. I have kids at SRVHS and CWMS and for the most part am pleased with how professional they are. Sometimes though we do run into a bad one. When that happens my kids are strong enough to work through it and be fine but the weakers ones suffer. In our school system it is MUCH easier for the teachers because you have VERY involved parents. We are a team and work with eachother. I hate the teachers union but respect the teachers. I also think there are many things we could do to improve things for students and teachers but we lack the backbone to do it.
Sylvia Jones January 16, 2013 at 09:24 PM
I am responding to Shlripathi Kamath's post of January 15 which takes exception to a teacher who receives a 78% pension for 12 years of teaching based on a salary in her/his last year in the classroom of $78,912. The writer cites no source for the information, and as a retired teacher I am concerned that readers will take this claim as fact. Please consider the following: teacher retirement in the State of California is administered by the state, not by school districts. It is based on teacher age at retirement, number of years taught, and birthdate. Here is an estimate of what a California teacher might receive based on the profile the writer uses. It is based on the formula as I came to understand it in going through my own retirement process. Using the writer's data, here is what a California teacher might receive If she/he retires this June with 12 years of experience, a birthdate of 1946 and an age at retirement of 64 years and seven moths, her/his retirement stipend would be approximately $1,869.89 per month or $22,438.68 per annum. That equates to 28% of final compensation, not the 78% that the writer decries.
Shripathi Kamath January 16, 2013 at 09:40 PM
"I am responding to Shlripathi Kamath's post of January 15 which..." http://bit.ly/U1OGkP


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