Organic Landscape and Gardening Services: Why Customers in Pacifica 'Dig It'

The first in an occasional series profiling local business owners.

Dig It Landscape and Gardening Service is owned and operated by David Martinez, Certified Horticulturist,  Master Composter and Master Gardener
Dig It Landscape and Gardening Service is owned and operated by David Martinez, Certified Horticulturist, Master Composter and Master Gardener
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Business name: Dig It Landscape & Gardening Service, 1444 Adobe Drive, Pacifica

What is your business known for? I'm known for organic landscape and gardening services. I give personal quality service by being the one that does the work with my 1 or 2 helpers, and my dog Celia.

I don't have a big crew, or do I want or need one. I specialize in sprinkler, and drip irrigation, Garden Coaching, and pruning. Most of my pruning work is done by hand with no power tools.

Sustainable gardening practices, sheet mulching, composting, soil biology, and the use of natural gardening practices, I study and follow the practices of the Soil Food Web, and the Bay Friendly Guidelines, which I explain on my web site.

I use no chemicals in my business — no chemical fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides, or herbicides and especially no Round up.  I only use botanical or natural products in my gardens, weather it be maintenance, or landscaping. I can also install a laundry grey water irrigation system.

Why did you choose the town you did to open your business? I was born and raised here, and my roots are here in Pacifica.

When and how did your business get started? In 1982 I graduated from CSM with a Environmental Horticulture Degree. My uncle (which has a very successful electrical company) asked me what I wanted to do with my knowledge, and I told him I wanted to start a gardening business.

My father worked for himself as a barber in town, and I wanted to have my own business like him. He offered to buy me a truck and some tools to get me started, and I ended up working at his house to pay him off. Of course it took 5 years to pay him off.

After my uncle had offered to help me start my business, I needed a catchy name. I bought a six pack of beer and went to a college friends house to tell him the good news, and to help me come up with a name for my new business.

When I arrived at his house, and I told him the good news he said, " I can Dig It." I said, "That's it!" And we cracked a beer open and celebrated.

What's something interesting about your business your customers might not know? I don't mow lawns. I make compost tea, and I garden with a microscope to see the microscopic biology of the soil.

For more information: info@digitorganic.com or 650-359-2147

Submitted By: David Martinez
Lynn Adams December 03, 2013 at 03:56 PM
Right on DigIt Dave! Your work is FINE!!! I love it and so appreciate you sharing your love of natural gardening and feeding the soil with everyone you meet! We need more of this ! And by the way,... I LOVE your garden both in front of and in back of your house! It is a fine example of food, flowers, fun, forever!


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