Native Plant Nursery Moves to Half Moon Bay; Takeout Burger Bar Opening Next Month

Our column brings you the latest in small business news from Half Moon Bay.

Sprouts and Shutters brings you the latest on which businesses are shuttering —and which are sprouting — around Half Moon Bay. In this installation of Sprouts and Shutters, Patch has some happy news about three businesses that are opening their doors on the Coast.

OPENED: Yerba Buena Nursery, 12511 San Mateo Road, Half Moon Bay, 650-851-1668

Yerba Buena Nursery recently moved from their historic Skyline location “down the hill” into Half Moon Bay on Highway 92. Now Coastside native plant gardeners won’t have to drive so far to get their fill of plant species from regions all of the state.

After more than 50 years at their Skyline location in the Woodside area, selling California native plants and offering garden design and planning, Yerba Buena Nursery is officially in Half Moon Bay and will continue to offer a fine selection of California Native Plants as well as their fantastic garden consultation service and plant delivery, according to owner Kathy Crane.

"We moved because we want to be more acessible to our customers, and we're hoping to tie-in with the other nursery businesses in Half Moon Bay and allow people to visit many more nurseries at one time," said Crane.

A "Greenhouse Warming" and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony took place Feb. 2. Doors are officially open to the public six days a week, Tuesday-Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Sundays 12-4 p.m.

Yerba Buena Nursery is California's oldest retail nursery business specializing in California native plants and ferns. This retail nursery was established in 1960 by Gerda Isenberg, a pioneer in the movement to recognize the landscape value of native plants. The more than 600 species of plants will continue to be grown at the new location from seeds, cuttings and divisions.

OPENING: Ground Up Burgers at Local FATT, 730 Main St., Half Moon Bay, 650-712-2100

By the end of March, an exciting new business will have its doors open on Main Street, featuring a wood-fired burger bar that will serve housemade condiments, milkshakes and homemade hamburgers using grass fed beef and other fresh ingredients from local farmers in a takeout setting.

“Ground Up Burgers will be a working example of what the Local FATT farmers network is all about,” said owner Kevin Koebel, a chef and educator from Santa Cruz.

Local FATT (Food Awareness Through Teaching), founded by Koebel in 2010, is a collaborative space where citizens, culinary professionals, and farmers can come together to teach, innovate and network to build what Koebel calls FCFS, “full-circle food systems.”

One part collaborative workspace, one part culinary classroom, one part entrepreneurial incubation program, Local FATT has hosted in the past Farm Forum Dinners at the Local FATT Kitchen in Half Moon Bay, featuring produce and products from local farmers to help create an awareness of a chosen farmer of whom Local FATT has verified as being a FCFS sustainably minded farmer.

“Ground Up Burgers is about giving people a working model of how a local business can be a collaboration by not following the regular channel of operation through distributors," said Koebel. "Instead, we are helping connect people directly to their food sources and helping farmers connect directly to the people they feed. If you want more control over what you eat, at Local FATT we’ll show you how a new model for organizing food communities works and how it can sustain itself.”

Also coming this spring at Local FATT will be interactive cooking classes and farm tours, a handful of seasonal Farm Forum dinners, and continued Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs.

“On Feb. 23 we’re having a private burger tasting to solidify the menu,” said Koebel, “and by the March 15, should be open to the public.”

OPENED: Kapriz Hardwood Floors, 40 Stone Pine Road, Half Moon Bay, 415-271-3819

Coastside contractor Sergey Stotskiy opened last month a sparkling new showroom, Kapriz Hardwood Floors, featuring hardwood, laminate, engineered, tile flooring and much more for residential properties. “We do flooring installation and refinishing services. We also specialize in hardwood floor refinishing and restoration services,” he said. Customers will receive 10 percent off installation when purchasing flooring supplies from Kapriz, 50 percent off on carpet removal and disposal when refinishing your floor or get the fourth polish coat done free when you refinish your floors.


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