Free Coffee at Starbucks If You Buy a Cup For Someone Else

Starbucks CEO says he wants to do something positive following recent political turmoil in Washington.

Buy someone a coffee at Starbucks and get one free.
Buy someone a coffee at Starbucks and get one free.
By Andrew Sylvia/Patch Staff

Can the act of buying coffee change the world? Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz thinks so, and he wants to give free coffee to his customers while doing it.

Today through Friday, Starbucks has announced on its website, the company will give a free coffee to anyone who offers to buy a coffee for someone else.

In the message on the chain’s website from Schultz, he explains the effort is an attempt to help the country come together following the recent troubles in Washington such as the government shutdown and the looming debate over raising the debt ceiling.

“I’ve said before that we have a responsibility as well as an opportunity not to be bystanders, but to act in ways that contribute to the vibrancy of the communities where we live and work,” said Schultz in his statement.

Starbucks in Pacifica:

• 1227 Linda Mar Shopping Center

• Safeway, 1380 Linda Mar Shopping Center

• 791 Hickey Boulevard


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