What Places do YOU Miss in Pacifica?

Side of The Sea Vue Theater, 1997.
Side of The Sea Vue Theater, 1997.
I grew up in Pacifica - I  spent all of my childhood there. The things I missed most after moving away were the cool ocean breezes, and some of the places I used to haunt. Like the Sea Vue Theater. Many of the places I miss no longer exist - including my old grade school, Westview, which was torn down to make way for a condominium complex. 

But missing something doesn't necessarily mean that it is gone....some of these places are still here, but the folks who used to live here, and don't anymore, miss them. 
My question: "What Pacifica Places Do You Miss?" got some interesting answers:

Nancy Hall: This is going WAY back, but I loved Shamrock Ranch when it was the Sun Valley Dairy, a real dairy farm that sold fresh products in their store. Shamrock Ranch, thankfully, is now a working stable and still a beautiful open space to view as you come north through the new tunnels at Devil's Slide."

Terri Richardson Jackson: "I miss the Golden Dragon in Rockaway, and very much Romanos"  

Faye Fields Jasso-Miller:  I miss the ice cream store, and "John" I believe he was the owner. He made the best grilled cheese sandwich's in town! He watched us all grow up. As the shopping center was really one of the only places to "hang out" in Linda Mar.
We formally called it the "center" and it was the center of so many of our lives.  I can still hear my friends of the 50's , 60's saying, "meet you at the center"  after the Ice Cream store closed it became a donut shop! In the 70's and 80's I took my children there for a donut! Memories! ( I do not remember the official name of the ice cream store) that is just what we called it! 

Sandi Koppler: I haven't been in Pacifica in about 40 years, and I think I only miss the beach,everything else is gone Although I miss San Francisco every day."

Bonnie Ballard Bosch: "A&W rootbeer. I love the small town feel of Linda Mar and how my Dad never locked up our house and it was fine cuz Standish Rd ROCKED. Great place to grow up as a kid."  

Carolyn T. Beauchamp:"The Views, the diversity". 

Terry Baldwin: "I used to Like Restaurante Mare In Pacifica." 

Diane Young Leslie: My very all time favorite was the Vagabond on Pedro Point! And I loved the Sun Valley Dairy at Shamrock Ranch because of the great ice cream bars they sold."  

Gail Santomango: "No matter where I live Pacifca/Linda Mar will always be home. I remember getting my haircut at Domingos in Rockaway Beach (some called it the clockhouse). Shelter Cove before the slide, and you could drive down the scary road. They had a restaurant there I think it was called Captain Charlie???? I miss the concert at the Old Firehouse on Pedro Point. I is taking a walk behind my house before they built all those houses on Higgins Way.

I also miss the Sun Valley Dairy at Shamrock. Visiting all the dogs in their kennels and petting the cows. You buy penny candy that was really a penny! I remember the rifle Range in the back before all the houses and and Terra Nova. My dad took us there on the weekends. Oh so many memories . AND

I also remember the dances at Tiki Hut!!! and playing in the creek, We were the last house on Rosita Road in 1954 and we had the artichoke and cow pastures, I have pictres of the cows!! I also remember playing in the woods behind our house before they built houses and going up to the Boy Scout Camp. I remember my mom used to shop at Ben's. A discount like store.It was a white house and was where the Sam Trans bus top is across from the Sea Bowl on the highway.
YES SOMETIMES I EVEN  MISS THE FOG. Especially living in Redwood City, when its hot. I told my sister who still lives there that she can NEVER MOVE 'cos I need a place to escape."


Debi Durst: "Wish the Wander Inn was still there...just so I could have a pop. It always looked intriguing to me. A bar right on the beach!"

George Harris : "Friend's from Pacifica was the Best, Seaview theater, Westview School, My House, The Ally The Bakery at the bottom of Manor. around the corner from there was a Chinese restaurant that was good to me. and the meat market on the other side of Highway one. Also the sea food restaurant, what's the name of that one I believe two doors down from the meat market."

Steven Dreith: I miss getting kicked out of the Sea View theater,cheating on the pin-ball machines at the Sea Bowl, selling wild artichokes, fishing the creek at White Field after the trout farm flooded, scoring at the Tiki Hut, Pedro Valley dances, Striper fishing, Romanos' Pizza, the duck farm, playing little-league with Linda Mar Ice Cream and Camera, and many other things.

My question to the reader: What do YOU miss about Pacifica?

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Karen Bash May 17, 2013 at 11:52 PM
I too loved the Sun Valley Dairy. I went to Linda Mar Elementary and after school we would crawl through the hole in the playground fence, and cross the road to the dairy. For 5 cents (half of the dime Mom gave me for my 5 cent lunch milk) you could get a little cup of the vanilla ice cream made there. It was the best! And I miss the Acapulco, the mexican restaurant in Rockaway Beach. It was run by a family: grandmother, mom & dad, and kids who were around the age of my brother, Rich, and I. I've never had mexican food as good since.
Deb Wong May 18, 2013 at 08:25 AM
Thanks for your comments, Karen! I guess we all miss something about our past in Pacifica, whether we live there or not. :)
richard bash May 18, 2013 at 12:34 PM
Wow!Great stuff on The Gallery and your efforts to showcase one of the best town's (Manor to Mar),all lndividual and special for those past and present!Pacifica is still cool.Mamma Romano @ the kitchen door ensuring every pizza+ pasta were perfecto,the candle dipped wine bottles and little lights around forever fond memories!
Deb Wong May 18, 2013 at 12:57 PM
Thanks for checking it all out, Rich!
Kim Kapuahilina'i Trickey May 18, 2013 at 01:46 PM
I guess I miss Linda Mar beach. Especially the tide pools. And, the hill above the beach I think there's a hotel or something there now. I haven't been down your way in quite a while. And, I know it's not specifically Pacifica, but, driving Devil's slide in the FOG! Also the Sanchez adobe. Is it still there?
Deb Wong May 18, 2013 at 01:58 PM
Hi Kim - Yes, the Sanchez Adobe is still there - good that some things don't change. Thanks for commenting!
MarkU May 19, 2013 at 05:53 PM
Great comments on "What do YOU miss about Pacifica?” Brought back many great memories: -Sun Valley Dairy @ Shamrock Ranch and the 25cent a quart Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate milk. - Having manicotti and pizza @Romano's. -The Vagabond in Pedro Pt. - Pedro Valley dances, pinballs at the Sea Bowl, the SeaView theater, Wander Inn and Shelter Cove. @Gail S. - I too got my hair cut at Domingo's. He was a great guy. Always wore Hawaiian shirts and had his hair up in a pompadour style. Living in Vallemar I really missed it when they tore down the old "haunted" Vallemar Manor House, at the "Y". But the thing I miss most was seeing the ocean, EVERY DAY, on my way home from work, in S.F. I never got tired of that glorious view!!! Thanks Deb for starting this conversation .
Deb Wong May 19, 2013 at 06:36 PM
You're welcome, Mark, and thank you for your comments!
Jinx May 19, 2013 at 09:14 PM
Thanks for the memories! In Vallemar, I remember the noon siren from the volunteer firehouse, the rodeo at the quarry, the horses at the quarry, learning to drive on the quarry road, the dog groomer by the golf course with the X-mass lights, the amused carrot, Grants, glen 5 & 10, Ben franklin's, Adams paints with Daisy the Basset hound, and I miss (just a little) the old Sharp Park Road.
Kirkham May 19, 2013 at 09:55 PM
I miss D&D Cycles in Pedro Point and Rays Firehouse Pizza..growing up on Rio Vista and fishing Phillips Dam behind White Field..Rope swings on the old coast highway above Higgins and A&W on the beach..
Charles May 20, 2013 at 08:59 PM
I miss the Gun Range in Sharp Park, learned to shoot when I was around 8yrs old with my father. Now those were the "Good Old Days"!
Kay Sweeney May 23, 2013 at 12:56 PM
I, too, miss Romano's, both the pizza, the Crab Cioppino, and the beachy speakeasy feel! I have not had a really good chilli dog since the A&W on the beach closed. I miss all the schools that have closed and talking about the Laguna Salada School District. The Pacifica School District is too ordinary a name for a unique place like Pacifica. The ocean is a main player in any memory of Pacifica and thankfully it is still there. I lived in Guatemala for 15 years inland and didn't see the ocean often. I didn't know how much I missed it until I came back to Paciifca. I remember too the banner that used to hang across the highway at Vallemar. Kept us up on what was happening in town! Good memories! It still is a great place to live.
Erika Rigling May 24, 2013 at 12:20 PM
Hi Kay...yes, the banner over Highway 1...made it seem like a REAL old small town. Linda Mar shopping center BEFORE the remodeling, the Corral-great food, Vagabond-family dinners after graduation and my youngest son' first job washing pots and pans, Amused Carrot, Checkered Frog, Pedro Valley School, Wander Inn, the duck farm!, having lunch daily at the ice cream store in LM and listening to the Patty Hurst trial during my 1/2 hour lunch at the table in his back room. ...next to the post office there. Amicks Gift shop in LM, Kaufman's Camera Store, Sears outlet, the OLD Moonraker, Acapulco restaurant, of course Romano's--best pizza and Italian food, yes and the grandmother's sharp eye on the till. The Chinese Restaurant across from Romano's--their child went to Kgn with my oldest son. FIVE gas stations at the front of LM Valley. Ah...I'm sure I'll think of more... yes, 15 elementary schools!!! Lots of kids!!!
Diane Wallick June 29, 2013 at 03:15 PM
We have always loved Sunday breakfast at Keri's. Mike told us he has been there for 44 years. Kerris' has always been part of the small town special places that make Pacifica unforgettable. We will miss the whole crew.
Kathy Sampson August 20, 2013 at 01:17 AM
First of all, I miss my parents who had the desire to purchase this old family homestead back in 1948. I am so glad that they did. So many fabulous memories growing up here in Sharp Park. I guess one of the things that I miss is my old grade school, Sharp Park Elem. Then there was Pete & Ida's Seafood Rest. on Francisco Blvd. where they used to steam fresh crabs in the huge pot on the sidewalk. The Old County Market on Palmetto that sold the best penny candy....yes, for a penny! Minshew's Hardware located at the corner of Francisco & Carmel. Great toy section. The steeple bell that sounded every Sunday morning from the Little Brown Church. The noon time siren that let everyone around know that it was time for lunch. Francine the fish lady who came by our house to sell that morning's catch from the trunk of her car. Mom would always buy abalone and prepare it that night. I still have a few of the shells! Memories, memories and more memories. But still and all, with all of the changes that have occurred in this town, it's still a fantastic place to live. So happy that I had the same desire as my folks by moving back into the only home I knew for the first eighteen years of my life!
H M Lindberg August 20, 2013 at 01:28 AM
Went through High School there at Oceana and I really miss hanging out with my friends during school, after school and on weekends! The Anderson Market on the corner, the Seaview, and most of all Linda Mar Beach. The fun times at the Rotary Dances in Linda Mar and most of all being a teen with my whole family. Yes indeed, many a memory in the little Beach town of Pacifica
H M Lindberg August 20, 2013 at 01:29 AM
Me & Ed's Pizza Parlor and the Slot Car hangout off Sharp Park Road and Skyline.....you'd always find someone to hang out with there.
Ethel August 21, 2013 at 07:08 PM
I miss the fireplace & rustic decor in the old A & W Root Beer/Taco Bell in Linda Mar. Still a great place but not quite the same.
dot bolton August 23, 2013 at 01:21 AM
I miss the articles written by women in the "CoastsideBreakers" from sharp park, rockaway beach, vallemar and pedro point (my mom, kitty bouly) telling you what was happening in their part of town. Babies born, girls engaged, weddings, who is visiting whom from out of town, who is sick and in the hospital and who is having bingo that weekend. Miss coming down the highway and seeing the lights shining towards the ocean behind Wander Inn on the water. Miss the trout farm, Saturday night dances at Pedro firehouse, Danmans on Pedro Point, watching the fishermen going out to sea from the boathouse on the point, the old shed where the horses were shoed across the street around 1946 from Reeses Bar (later became the Vagabond) the noon fire siren on Magrins barn,(a way to insure the siren system was working) riding the bus to Rockaway School, getting to wear jeans to school on Thursday for softball, Mrs Adams, teacher and principal of Rockaway School letting us take turns to ring the hand bell announcing time to go in classrooms, the "rings" in front of the school , the May Day Pole dance, and I miss the "all you can eat" restaurant run by Mr. Rosenberg on the Point. P.S. I really enjoyed reading all the comments, almost the same as the newspapers back in the 50's.


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