Fog Fest Photo Contest Shows Off Local Talent

"Picture This: The Sounds of Pacifica"

The finalists of the 26th Annual Fog Fest Photography Contest are on display at the festival, where you can cast your votes for your favorites in each category.

The beautifully framed photography can be viewed on either side of the booth, near the corner of Santa Rosa and Palmetto.

Longtime Pacifica resident Lynn Delema spent some time at the booth with her family, admiring the photos on display. Both of her favorite entries were by Pacifica artist Pam Andres, who has two final entries in adult Division 4: Best Color Photo. Andres is a longtime photographer, but this is her first time entering the Fog Fest contest.

Delema was wistful, admiring one of Andres’ scenic ocean shots in particular. “It reminds me very much of a photo my late fiancé took about 20 years ago,” she explained.

Young festival-goer Allie Allen was enthusiastic about several of the entries. “I love all the bright colors and shapes,” she said. “They really stand out to me.” Allen was particularly fond of a photo of a tadpole but she also loved a shot that features a reflection of the photographer in dozens of tiny bubbles.

The bubbles shot, “Where’s Edwin? Taking a Self-Portrait in Tide Pool Bubbles” is an entry by Pacifica resident Edwin J. Hacking.

Manning the Sanchez Art Center booth early in the afternoon were artists Charlotte, Jana Nisbet and Alan Firestone, along with their "VIP associate" Danny Fry. Toward the end of the day, Firestone was still holding down the fort, with the help of Jamie Brzezinski.

Tons of ballots were submitted throughout the day and the Art Center members manning the booth spent some time fielding questions about the photography and the contest. “Most people want to know if the photography is digital or film,” said Firestone. The answer is, both. 

Mostly though, the Sanchez Art Center members heard over and over again how beautiful the photos are. “…and we agree,” agreed Firestone and Brzezinski. 

“Picture This: The Sounds of Pacifica” is this year’s theme for the contest, which consists of four divisions for adults: Best utilization of contest theme (color and/or black & white); Best special effects photo (color and/or black & white); Best black and white photo; and Best color photo. There is also a youth division: Best photo of any type.

Ballots are found at the Art Guild booth and $1 donations are suggested to cast your votes. First, second and third prizes will be awarded for each division and prizes include cash awards and ribbons. Vote by 11:30am on Sunday. Winners will be announced in the afternoon.

Wallenstein Garaventa October 09, 2011 at 05:46 AM
are the results for the photo contest posted somewhere, i know how my photos placed but i'd like to find out about everyone else's photos. CWG


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