How Much Do You Know About Pacifica’s History and Landmarks?

It’s not too late to sign up for Treasures and Trivia of Pacifica, the 2nd annual treasure hunt competition that supports local non-profits and businesses alike.


Can you identify unique landmarks and answer historical questions about our town, like where in Pacifica are there two clock towers or can you name the intersections in Pacifica where streets named after National Parks come together? If you’re up for challenging, fun questions like these, then the 2nd annual Treasures and Trivia of Pacifica competition is just for you.

The competition will be like the Amazing Race, only it's all local and you will discover things about Pacifica — history, the locations of long-gone historic sites and famous places — that you never knew while visiting many vibrant local businesses, both old and new. 

Teams participating in this treasure hunt excursion will be given a list of businesses and other destinations, and the trick is to see how quickly they can get from place to place, correctly answering trivia questions and making it back before other teams. 

First place gets $100 in cash, the next two teams will score $75, and third and fourth place will get $25. There’s also a bunch of prizes that participants will win.

It all starts on April 13 at 9 a.m. at the Pacifica Spindrift Theatre. $15 a person until April 1st; after that $20 a person, and there’s still time to register. You can sign up now through March 31 by registering online here. Call organizer Mike O’Neill at 650-359-7190 for more information.

The April 13th event is also for a good cause. Proceeds will go toward the Pacifica Spindrift Players, our local award-winning theatre group; Music Matters in Pacifica, a new non-profit that's stepping in where the Rob Schneider Foundation left off to keep music programs alive and strong in our schools; and the Pacifica Library Foundation, which helps secure the funding and volunteer support needed to keep our local libraries cutting-edge. 

Last year the event raised about $800 for each organization with 16 organizations and 75 people participating in the competition.

“This is an event for everyone, and is a fun way to learn new information about our coastal town and support local businesses and nonprofits at the same time,” said O’Neill. “The goal is really for people to discover the treasures of Pacifica and learn more about what’s in this town.”

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