Canadian Astronaut Tweets Rad Photo of Skyline Boulevard to Pacifica

Chris Hadfield launched aboard a Soyuz spacecraft on Dec. 19 for his ride to the International Space Station. In March he will take over as the station's first Canadian commander.

In case you haven't heard, Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield has been tweeting photos of Earth this week from his orbital perch on the International Space Station, and on Thursday he caught a nice shot of Ocean Beach, South San Francisco, Skyline Boulevard into Pacifica, and the Golden Gate.

According to the Canadian Space Agency, Hadfield launched aboard a Soyuz spacecraft on Dec. 19 for his ride to the Space Station.

He tweeted photos of Australia, Nevada, and Southern California on Wednesday and Thursday, and he described his Bay Area photo by tweeting:

"The Golden Gate Bridge from space, and if you look closely, its shadow."

Hadfield is enjoying the views from orbit, and a lot of people on Earth are digging it with him. On Thursday afternoon he tweeted:

"A quarter million people, following these Tweets from orbit! I am honoured and humbled. Thanks to each of you for your interest and support!"

Hadfield is expecting to remain in space at least three more months. In March he will take over as first Canadian commander of the International Space Station. His targeted landing date is May 14, 2013.

If you want to keep track of Hadfield's tweets and photos, follow him at @Cmdr_Hadfield. For more on his exploits, visit LA Observed.

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